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The Institut de paléontologie humaine Foundation Albert 1st of Monaco is a research foundation « declared of Public Interest » by the President of the French Republic on December, 15th 1910. It is the third oldest research foundation in France, after the Institut Pasteur and the Institut océanographique. As mentioned in the first article of its status, the Institut de paléontologie humaine aims for :

« the progress of Science on any issue regarding the origin and history of fossil Man »

As such, this institution takes on five main fundamental missions :
 To manage extensive prehistoric excavation sites (in France, in Africa and Asia)
 To preserve a rich prehistoric heritage
 To carry out research in the fields of prehistory, human palaeonthology and Quaternary geology
 To provide facilities for students as well as French and foreign researchers
 To diffuse and develop scientific culture

Thanks to its specific status, the Institut de paléontologie humaine offers legal and accounting guaranties (by a yearly certification of its accounts). It is managed by a director and a board formed by eight members. Any action is controlled by a scientific board consisting of nine French and foreign key figures.

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